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I spent the day building. Well I tried. Server seems to have a tummy ache with the new codes, at least for me. I kept freezing, had to clear my cache THREE times (normally I do that once a month or so) and was forced to quit when scripts wouldn't save ANYWHERE.

Good news is that I now have ocean view again at my shop sim and that I did accomplish quite a bit on the gallery and classroom area for MOSP. And yes, I am rambling -- that kind of day.

Feeling the need to post, I am happy to have an outfit from 1Hundred to show you. Find Misunderstood in a big variety of colors as well as black and white at the Whore Couture Fair. It's sleek and simple and can absolutely be worn without guilt. No scripts died in the making of this jumpsuit.

My skin is Asia from Izzie's (remember I saw her first *wink*). Very good to see a worthy designer featured. This is the new me for awhile.

Pose by: aDORKable


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