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Passionate Neko Hunt

If you read this blog very often you know that my personal estimation of a good hunt includes, good prizes, great local to explore and not TOO much hunting. Well the Passionate Neko has it all. 15 pumpkins in and around the main store and Halloween shop hold all sorts of fun holiday inspired dollarbies. You can see some of the goodies here. When I saw this post on the feed, I couldn't wait to get over there. Phil's minions weren't being too helpful and I had to relog twice and tp to other locales but I eventually GOT there and oh what a fun place.

You are looking for pumpkins like the one in the back of the building. Obviously they are NOT hidden. Just explore and you will find many. Prizes shown include the skully dress, Count Chocula belt (there are several belts to choose from) and the BOOTS. Did I mention BOOTS! HOHOHO. Much to see and explore and great photo ops for Halloween with all sorts of interesting pose balls in evidence.

Hair by Exxess, Zombie pose by LAP.


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