Creaking Cauldron

The Creaking Cauldron has some great Halloween themed gifts for you. First there is a duel skirted outfit -- long and tutu -- called Autumn Web. And since it is way more "Autumn" than "Halloween" it has staying power which is a plus (big wink). Find it in the Trick or treat bag at the foot of the stairs. You get the cute trick or treat bag too.

Shown with a leaf emitting Fall umbrella from Samara Studios (dollarbie on the specials board in the center of the Casuals area) and one of the lucky chair hats from my trip to Hatpins yesterday. The lucky chair at the Oak Tree Shops has the same hats in their lucky chair.

And just for clicking the SubscribOmatic, you get these VERY cool boots and matching purse. Woah! I'm coordinated. Whoopee.

This is the long skirted version which is quite romantic. You can get a similar dress in pink and black for a 15 minute camp. The shop is filled with a lot of cute Halloween, Samhain items including brooms and GROWING pumpkins. This is a fun place to visit.

There is a trick or treat event going on at the Oak Tree Shops -- the home of Creaking Cauldron -- now with many of the shops having orange bags to buy. Most are $0 or $1 but I found one at $30 so don't click away without reading :D

Pose by LAP.


And if you simply LIKE pants better than skirts -- lose 'em both. The long glitch pants make a bold outfit that looks great with those boots.