Ghost Busters: A Brief Respite

With only fifteen more stops on the Ghost Buster tour to go, I took a break to go through the gifts I had found. Such lovely things. I had to take a picture of this fantastic lamp from Rustica. Very fairy tale; very lovely. Of course it would look better somewhere other than my beach - LOL. But we do what we need to do to get that photo. Also in this shot are jeans and belt by WoE and a primly sexy (Can you have that? Well I think this top does it.) short plaid top by Worldwide Industries.

The scultique pumps in purple came from Rebel Hope and are similar to the picks gift earlier in the month. They coordinate perfectly with the morte necklace from Sentou Yousei. The poses are by Vain from the hunt.

There are so many lovely thing, I obviously can't show you all of them. Horizon expanding continues this eve.