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Bubble Bubble

Need your own personal cauldron? Well you can get one at the Popfuzz store. It's by Panjen and I found it when I went over to get one of the two dollarbie hoodies on sale for a limited time. These sweatshirts are regularly priced at$250. There is another color besides orange. Find them both in the middle of the floor in boxes. This is NOT an on the wall hunt :D The hoodie comes with both up and down sculpty hood prims.

I picked orange because after all it is ORANGE season. Shown here with one of the new Halloween House of Heart hairs. The hat is removable for AFTER the holidays. This is one of my favorite colors, so I am a happy girl. These are free and on the service counter up front by the entrance. There is also a sculls hair and a bat hair.

Also shown is the Glamor skin from Popfuzz. Previously blogged, you can find it right next to the hoodies. There are three color choices and these specials sell for one Linden. I took a shot with my eyes closed so you could see the lovely eyeshadow. Do you really believe that? LOL. Nope, it was just an accident but a nice one.

Earring from the Cutting Class adventure at Pulse (see last night's post).


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