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Hairspray 2: A Preview

That's me -- lounging and camming in the new Savoir Hair shop at Hairspray 2. I really felt like a kid in a candy store when I got an early pass to see the new Sim. It is as bright and colorful as its predecessor and has a wonderful gift store at Savoir Hair. Getting to take my time to peruse without the hoards was a real pleasure (wink). So many lovely gifts from so many great designers.

Right across the way you can find a wall of free goodies and dollarbies at Mirada. There's a lucky chair too and of course lots of other great stuff. The sim is vast and I got lost twice. It abuts Hairspray so it seems to go on forever -- and that ain't bad. A whole LAND of hair. There is also a Stars of Hairspray hunt happening sometime soon. The sim opens tomorrow at 6 pm I believe -- at least there is a big party then.

Meanwhile here are a few hairs from Savoir Hair's wall of fantastic freebies. Quite a few of my favorites from the hair fair were there, so if you missed them, this is a great way to pick them up. Again, this is JUST a few of MANY MANY. My taste and style might not be yours.

I have MORE but I need things like supper and WINE and REST.

And don't forget to pick up the Savoir Hair goodie bags around. Clothes and cute hair abound!


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