Retrology Hunt

Retrology is having a sim wide pumpkin hunt. Just touch the smallish pumpkins to get your treat -- or in some cases a trick. There are some lovely gifts here. I found mostly outfits for women but there were some unisex items also. There are a lot more shops to explore than during the last hunt, so you'll have some new experiences. Always fun!

It's bound to get laggy as the day begins for our hunter and gathering folks, so wear your low prim gear. You can rez a scooter if you want to travel with ease, but there are some spots where a scooter just won't take you. So walking is good exercise too.

This is just a small portion of the items available. I can see from the vendor list, that I missed a lot. But YOU can take your time and find them all. Yep you can!

The hunt lasts until November 1st.

The hair shown here is from Hairapy and part of the hunt. Shoes from Juicy. Poses from LAP.