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Saturday Hunting and Gathering

I am SURE there will be even more going on this weekend but I wanted to alert you to two party - hunt venues I heard about.

First, there is a grand opening party at Archipeligo Wild from Saturday from 10am-3pm SLT. I am not sure where the hunt starts, but you can tp HERE if you like and journey on from there. This is the old (and maybe again?) Nuclear Boutique sim with a whole new look, so it will be fun to explore.

Treasure Hunt Prizes donated by the new shops located on Archipelago Wild, and prize drawings including clothes from Bellissima!, Zullay Designs, and 2 winners will win L$500.
And at the Magic of Oz sim (see previous post) there is a weekend long hunt with a variety of parties to attend. This a beautiful place to explore so I am sure you will have fun. COME ALMOST NAKED as it is sure to be crowded and rezzing could be a problem.
We've got a ton of things going on for the sim opening Friday and Saturday. An Epic Hunt - Find the Slippers Hunt has some extrordinary EXCLUSIVE prizes from designers like Silent Sparrow, Miriel, Schadenfreude, Long Awkward Pose, The Stringer Mausoleum, Juicy, MnM Design, Designs of Darkness, and the list goes on and on! Follow the Yellow Brick Road at 9AM SLT today! The hunt runs all weekend long :)
Tonight we have a Wicked party at the Witch's Castle with a Spooky/Goth theme with DJ December Dollinger from 6-9 SLT. Come dressed like you belong with the Flying Monkeys, mwahahaha! Prizes for Creepiest Outfit and Best Witch!
Saturday the hunt continues all day and then at 6 pm SLT meet us at the Emerald City for a Masquerade Ball! The Theme is the Sim itself, so come Green and Sparkly, Dark and Spooky, or Bright and Colorful! Wear masks for prizes! Prizes given for Best Costume - Male and Female.

Sunday we still have the hunt all day - and Sunday night at 6 pm SLT is the Dead Wizard party, because your gracious hosts will probably be nearly dead by that point ;) Come in your fashionable best, or a potato sack, we don't care! More free gifts randomly distributed - and a special surprise event at 7 SLT!


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