This 'n That Tuesday

I found a few exciting goodies out there today. Here is a list and a few pics.

These boots are probably my biggest find. Now, I want to be fair here as they did not FIT all that well so some time on a pose stand might be needed. The boots themselves though are lovely. They have small "logo" tags on the back but look more like designer tags than logowear so I am guessing most of you will be fine with that. These are MOD. :D

They are from the Clove Main Store and the mall is having a pumpkin hunt as well. Find the BOOTS however, on the second floor. Click the SALE sign and buy for $0. Like ya really needed to know that to find them ? (big grin) Yep, ya did.

The cute witches hat with purple accents (goes with the Lala FooFoo current (I hope still current) freebie -- is from the same shop. Find it proudly displayed near the TP point in a box.

The glasses are from Dark Mouse at the Retrology Hunt. I went over there to find the slayer belt that someone blogged. I should LEARN that Retrology hunts don't actually have all there goodies out at start time (wink). Anyway I did NOT find the slayer belts (yes, hints would be appreciated) but I did find the other two DM offerings. These retro glasses are quite cute for sure.

Also of note, there are some nice turquoise eyes (small size) out at EarthStones. Follow the signs that say eyes, They are way in the back away from the jewelry in a large vendor under the eyes for sale.

And there is a nice set of five poses for free at DK Designs. Find them RIGHT at the tp point. One is "for guys" but girls could still use it.