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Cutting Class @ Pulse

Cutting Class at Pulse (the adventure) is much like a computer adventure game. There are clues and puzzles, mazes and things that go bump in the night. There is a storyline and a mystery and there is an ENDGAME. Being a consummate gamer from way back, I enjoyed it all. Much more interactive than a PC game as other gamers were right there with you.

You get a hud which makes the client screen look a lot like a wide screened movie. And you get a flashlight. Actually you need to buy that outside the building. It's free. There are numerous "levels" to the game and you complete one to move onward (but not necessarily upward - LOL). It is NOT easy, but it is way fun and even just going and exploring is a reward in itself.

But still, I bet you REALLY want to see the bootee for "making it through alive". And here is some of the endgame rewards.

I REALLY wanted to take some screenshots of the adventure, but decided that would just spoil it all. So you only get to see the prizes for making it through. Take some friends -- a few heads are better than one unless you are just very very crafty.

From *Illuminati* we have Bara no Seidou which I believe is unisex; It comes with fluffy furry tail and twitchy ears. I didn't have any ears. I do now :D VERY nice.

There are plenty of non wearable prizes too including Halloween decorations, shapes, shoes for gals, hat for guys and unisex jewelry.

These very cute spider earrings came from Rara Avis and the glowing eyes came with the Illuminati outfit.

And so you know there is stuff for the guys too, we have both T shirt and tank from Rara Avis a nice assortment from Sn@tch of suspenders (sized for guys), cowboy hat, earrings for gals and a coffin purse.

Jeans by Adam 'n Eve, hair is Bobby in coffee bean from House of Heart.


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