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This Week at Love Chic

OK. So I'll show you the Dollarbie first. No need to scroll through :D This is a Halloween Spider top based on my basic long sleeved style. A varigated orange background host some creepy crawly things. Wear it if you dare. Find it at the NEW (actually my old) shop in Deulchangil or at Santo City (role play - grab a visitor tag and turn left following the beam) which seems to be working out well (who'd a thunk it?)

Since the burnout outfit was so popular, I've made it in the other basic neutral - gray with dark gray velvet slacks. The belt is now silver. Same style.

That's the news. I've decided to return to my old shop but not try and have something new each and every week for Fashcon. Not into the pressure of it all. So I'll post any new outfits here for those that shop (wink) and I'll try and remember to put the dollarbies and specials first. The good news is that I now have PRIMS to spare -- for a little while anyway.


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