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A Taste of India

Zaara has a lovely dress in her lucky chair. It is a red version of recent design. I was lucky enough to win this beauty. According to her website, it has been available since the 2nd. I completely missed the announcement though and just found it by dropping by. Dropping by is a GOOD thing.

Also at Zaara's - you can pick up a set of free henna "gloves". Find them in the entryway where there are other gifts from other times if you missed them.

On the other side of the grid, Maleeka has a chunky necklace as a gift for you. And while you are there, check the lucky chair. It spewed out three "?"s in a row while I was there.

The lucky chair gift actually comes with a babydoll skirt, but I personally preferred it with just the leggings.

Shoes by Tesla, Hair by Exxess, Poses by LAP.


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