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HUD 'n Hair

Is that me smiling!?!?!?

Yep. And while it could be because there are new Bewitched Hair gift releases just out -- it is also because I found this very cool [SI] Photo Emotions HUD at A. D Studios. It let's you REALLY tell the world how you are feeling. It has an easy user interface that fits on the side of your screen as a HUD. Then just click on and off the emotions. Be SURE and click off the one you were using though - LOL. I was madly clicking assuming the former emotion would go away. NOT! The things my face could do!

The only problem I found at all was with my eyelashes. Some of the emotions don't work well with prim lashes. I can live with that and take them off. Or I guess if I was a real die hard, I could adjust the eyelashes. That's doubtful for me though.

Here is the interface and a couple more examples of emotions. The HUD sells for $100 and you get THREE copies. And they are transfer. Be good to your best friends -- SHARE the fun!

PS. There is also a redo of some earlier Bewitched hair that had problems so pick that up right next to the poster with these pictured.


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