Girlfiends in Hats

It all started with a necklace from Sanu that I picked up yesterday for a linden. Of the three color choices, I bought the pink one. Then the question was what to wear it with. Hmm. Pink. Dress. Oz dress from Sn@tch. Yep. That works.

Then as things will have it, a friend told me about this great hat place. Now I am not a hat girl all that often. Still, I have to admit this is a VERY cool hat and I like being a girlie girl now and then. The hats shown are both from Hatpins. Mine is a group gift (join and touch the vendor) and my gal friend's was in the lucky chair in the Haute Couture shop. Both Hatpins shops have lucky chairs with one prize. I won the prize in the other shop but that's for another post. They both also have 90 minute camp chairs for some very cute hats. There are demos and dollarbies and it's just generally a fun place to explore.

Beni is also wearing a Sn@tch dress; I tped her in for a lucky chair sit and this is the Cha Cha set :D. I particularly like the ruffles on the top. Cute! The hat she is wearing was a lucky chair item at the Haute Couture store. And so we both ended up in girlie attire!

And here is the necklace that started the journey.