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Return to Oz



I journeyed back over to the Magic of Oz this afternoon to see if there were more goodies to find. All those green slippers where haunting me (wink). And I am SO glad I did. It was work, but FUN work and I really know my way around Oz now which is good.

I found most, but not all of the gifts. You can click on a LARGE GREEN board at the landing area to get a list of everything. I am showing you quite a few more things here, but there is a lot more jewelry and also a "headdress". I didn't find the headdress but saw a large group of people with them on.

The dress is from Sn@tch and is in a red slipper but one that is static. That's all I'm telling. If you wander around long enough you will find it. It, and the green slippers are in plain sight. They are not hidden at all although there is SO much to see in Oz that you are often on visual overload :D

The crystal hair comes in many even more colors than I found before and the glasses come in different metals. I may have had several copies before and simply didn't notice that. The shoes stick around for five minutes or so and then disappear. If you mouseover them you can see what is in the slipper (lag permitting) and so if you already have it you can LEAVE it for someone else. It took me awhile to figure that out.

I especially like the green necklace shown above that came with a bracelet as well as the earrings which are actually a "Z" inside an "O". Each earring has a slightly different style.

And of course the dress from Sn@tch and the poses from LAP. I think this is the most fun and best hunt since Retrology and that was super.

So get there if you are a hunter and gatherer and if you can. You still have time.


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