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Alice Where Art Thou?

I've had this Queen of Hearts dress from hO wEAr for some time now. Serendipity and the rolling restart got me to Nevaria, an Alice in Wonderland role play sim.

Getting to the ground level was an adventure in itself. The entry building is at 400 meters. Filled with some interesting shops and lots of Wonderland props, it is a fun place to visit. I DID of course want to get to the village. The notecard said to read the info and go down the rabbit hole.

I have been to a lot of RP sims and it is usually pretty easy to figure the way out of the entry area. Not so here. After two trips and about a half an hour of hunting, I started camming outside the skybox. I found a building pad with a dance pole and hopped over there.

OK. outside. Outside is better than inside. But I am still up at 400 meters. HMMM. I can't fly. No flying alowed. Oh, well. It won't kill me ....

And I walked over the edge of the platform. Down down into icy water. Still no flying and so I hoped onto a toy elephant's back --- and I was in the VILLAGE. Hooray!

It is a fun place to explore with lots of  fantasy amidst Victorian and pre-Victorian architecture. No one was around and since there was no EASY way into the sim (yes, there is a forced landing point), it may be closed for awhile. There are places to rent, both for shops above and for residences in the village.

No fancy Winlight settings were used in this post :D.

My hair is [V] Vignette Sophia Onyx. The pointy pigtails and crown are part of the Queen of Hearts outfit.


Unknown said…
Brilliant hair. Wow what an outfit :-)

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