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I Love Paris

I've never actually been to Paris -- the airport stop on a return trip from Morocco doesn't count. I came away with some authentic French perfume, but not snapshots of the Eiffel Tower. But hey! We have several versions of Paris right in our virtual backyard.

At Paris 1900 we can sit in a horse drawn carriage and watch the trolley go by. We can visit the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe. We can be inspired by the lovely architecture. We can even shop.

I had been to various versions of Paris in the past, but this is my favorite. When Grim Bros put out a new Victorian outfit in the MM board, I was there to click away. The fabienne rouge set come with long skirt, bustle and a bottom flounce (not shown). Sami is wearing the complete outfit and I opted for a more Steampunk look adding the bottom from the Firefall Marquis set, some net stockings, tophat and vintage shoes.

Paris 1900 is part of a five sim complex which includes Paris Art, Les Champs Elysees, Paris Eiffel, and Paris Acadamies. You can walk a long way in this virtual Paris. Photo Ops abound, and if you speak French who knows what could happen?

Visit Paris 1900 >>

Download my Windlight settings for this locale HERE.

Style notes: Fabienne rouge outfits by Grim Bros.  Sami's red updo hair is Gibson by Vignette (free). All other accessories are from the back of our closets and no longer available. Sorry.


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