Noodles Anyone?

Just a quick post to report a friend's find. Right next door to RunoRuno is a little shop named Burned Rice. For a mere linden you get FOUR of these 2 prim sculpty noodle chairs with great pose and impressive shadow. Each chair has a different shadow so you can use the ones you need depending on your windows. They are also copy and mod. What a find!  The are apparently left over from the Albero summer fair which was so laggy I never got anywhere. So for props or low prim housing needs, these are perfect. They reportedly rez quickly so that is a plus.

Also shown is the cute little skybox house from Amerie's Naughty. It is 10 x 10 with a window box with flowing rain. Very cute and easy to fill with great stuff on your 512 - 117 prim plot. It is no mod so the presents stay but they are festive along with the lights. The only thing Sami changed was to cover the skully rug with one of her own with help from Torley. The group gift should still be in the archives and I saw that it was also available at the shop.

That's the late night news. I loved this picture so wanted to share.

Oh, when I went over to RunoRuno I realized it was the very same shop -- in the same local that I had blogged LONG ago. It's always so nice to see designers making there way in the virtual world. Gold stars.

PS. The couch in the background is from Sway's Advent event. I have one too.

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    # by Anonymous - December 20, 2009 at 1:30 AM

    RunoRuno and Burned Rice are by the same creator. But i don't know why she chose two different brand names.