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Day Off!

Taking the day off can mean different things to different people. I'd been deep into hunting and reporting and spending way too much time in the studio. So for me, it meant getting out of doors and having some fun. I have some theme sims I want to explore, but the thought of fog which seems to accompany many of my Places posts was not sitting well. I wanted color and freedom!

I had found these great FREE skates when I was out hunting.  You can pick them up outside in the club area at Fluid Furniture. I've had free skates before and believe me these are SO much nicer. They come with legwarmers with cute charms attached. Skating forwards and backwards is a breeze. The animations are low priority so you can put your AO on and walk sexily on the ice if that is you style.

I put together a nontraditional winter outfit from some of the great free things out this season. It's a fun look and definitely comfortable. The shorts, top and sash is the DTCH (book) hunt prize from Mix and Match. The sweater / thermals is from the prize package at SHIKI Designs. The top comes in many layers and is white so you can tint it any color. The packed top is in a salmon pink, so guys, don't toss it if that color offends you -- just recolor it royal blue or whatever *wink*. My sugar sugar gloves in berry are a group gift from Grim Bros. I've been wanting to wear them for awhile now. They are so cute and fun and COLORFUL.

My mouth candy (notice it is NOT a cane) is from Mr Tentacle as part of the DTCH. A non Christmasy winter sweater in blue is also in the pack.  And here is the back mini pony of the SHAG hunt hair I featured yesterday.

So those are my adventures for the day. It was great to get out and get some exercise :D.

I am in Abracadabra again under some new snowy windlight settings.

Download my Windlight settings for this locale HERE.

PS:  I just went over to CONCRETE FLOWERS to pick up today's Advent Dollarbie and it was leggings! I love leggings and these come in five yummy colors with patchwork patterns. I added them to my outfit right in the shop.  I have to say that I have been very happy with each and every Advent gift here and next door at KOSH. Lovingly made, they are very special. There is a new gift each day, so remember to stop by. Just mouseover the presents to find which one is for sale.


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