Getting Away

Sometimes we just need to get away to a quiet place that is not our normal resting spot. I seem to have a lot of friends who have given up on their mainland parcels. They still have them; they are free 512s. But the servers are too slow or the skies are too crowded or the neighbors are too noisy -- or all of the above :D.

This is a boon for me as they let me play. And a little spot of beauty is a good thing whereever it may be. This is the Despite and Still medium sized garden from Pocket Gardens. I have blogged about these great ready made landscaping areas a few times, but always the smaller versions. Tonight I received a pack that included the larger sizes. The 3 x 5 version is my favorite. It comes with a menu to change the base color as well a the flowers. The wall prims you see in the background are included. It only took a few minutes to set everything up and I had a peaceful place amidst the crowded din :D.

I chose the alpha ground texture which let's the dirt base of my platform show through. The weeds won out over the flower version. Just a click and the transformation occurred. I like the grungy feel to the space.

There are plenty of posing spots. Just click and you have an instant photo op. I added my season changing trees from Herb's Garden. The space is still pretty empty but I have some prims to spare for another day.

Style notes:

Hair: Amacci Hair Adena ~ Dark Copper (from the freebie wall)
Skin: []::Tuli::[] Eva (tone 4/br) dec VIP gift
Clothing: KOSH- TAINTED HOODIE RED, INDI - Jeans black (from the Chad set)
Shoes: ::Duh!:: Black/Silver Slip-on Clogs
Accessories: RISING STAR - Nyx Earring - EP - (review copy)

And this lovely 3 x 3 garden is the current Subscribo gift. The bird even sings!  Perfect for you and your significant other. I TPed Benicia over to fill in that spot for the demo.

It weighs in at a mere 12 prims plus one for the optional base. So much beauty for so little cost. I love the colors!

And in case you were wondering, I am on the SOM list *wink*.