Wrapping Up

It has been a world wind day, but I've managed to finish the Down the Chimney Hunt as well as go through almost all the lovely gifts that keep coming my way. So here is a brief wrap up of things you know about already and hopefully some you don't.

You only have a FEW MORE HOURS (maybe a day) to get any DTCH items you missed.

The comfy chair is from ☀ Deco*licious ☀ (DTCH) and comes with table and books. The back is color change by menu (lots of choices) and the seat has a variety of poses. And it is low prim! 

EDIT: / me embarrassed for not reading the notecard. Exhaustion might be the reason :D. The WHOLE chair changes color as long as you are not sitting in it. Woot!

Yeah! The fireplace and candles as you may remember are part of the DTCH prize from **Tryst - Furniture For Couples (previously featured). My top is from Tyranny Designs (DTCH) and comes with a optional trim scrunchy bottom.

My hair is just out from Alli&Ali.  There are two colors of this out as gifts at the store, PLUS this one is available on an Xstreet promotion for $1. And you can send to a friend. Isn't that cool? Open this link in a new window and find it here.

I really like this hair. It comes with optional bangs (I chose eyelashes over bangs) and has a beautiful back fall. Perfect for period garb. The skin I am wearing came out as a gift from Tuli. I've been too busy to check the feeds today, but I am guessing most of you know about this. It is a preview of the new skin  Eva (tone 3/br). If you missed the group post, find it in a pack of many tones in the group archives. It will not be in the mushroom. This is in some ways a fantasy skin. There is a pale green shade on the forehead in the Ice Princess style that is coming out a lot now for winter. The tint is hardly noticeable on the lighter shades but is more pronounced on the dark tones. While I am not terribly thrilled with the fantasy effect, I am VERY happy with the look of the skin. It is a bit like a cross between Hope and Bella. Lovely and soft, waiting for it to arrive will be difficult :D.

I am also wearing the Snow on my Lashes eyewear from WWI (DTCH previously featured). I do love these.

My leggings are from DUH! and my new ankle boots are today's gift from BAX on the Le Look board. I am so glad we can wear these five inch heels without tottering. Virtual land is a good place!

The piano is old and a friend's and not in any hunt, sorry.

PS. There is a really fun poseball set for a large group at Slash Me Poses (DTCH). If you have a bunch of friends and like to take photos, you'll want this!

I have LOTS to do in Realityland tomorrow so there may or may not be a post. Have a great Sunday.