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This is a post about giving. Tis the season and amidst all the hectic shopping frenzy, it is good to remember that. The Down the Chimney Hunt starts tomorrow; I am guessing at 12:01 AM, but the website is missing the starting time. The lovely cardinals are the gift from .:SHD:.  There are various singing versions in the pack; a great accessory or wild bird for your winter garden. This is my last DTCH preview post I suspect. Thanks to all the designers that sent me samples of the fantastic things to be found!

The lovely hair I am wearing is my favorite of several I picked up at Vignette -- for free. I saw this post and hurried over to find an extremely tasteful complex just waiting to be filled with great free items. My friend in the shorts in the snow (don'tchaloveSL(R)?) is wearing a new male hair available at the shop. There are also shapes.

While I don't agree with all the ideas in Rachel's post, I do think that giving back is important. The holidays is a great time to ponder just how you are going to give a little to others. I'm thinking that I will join in the giving as soon as the holiday's are over. Right now, I have used up almost all of those 937 newly purchased prims. When the holiday decorations come down, I will have room for at least a freebie room. Good free stuff in a lovely settings. Great for new folks and the rest of us that just want to find bargains.

Style notes:

Hair: [V] Vignette Sophia Brick
Skin: []::Tuli::[] Hope  (dark tan/li) blush
Clothes: [Decoy] Hooded Blazer Forest Green, CONCRETE FLOWERS-TWEED PANTS -FOREST- (part of today's Advent Dollarbie)
Accessories: *Ticky Tacky* Lick Me! Earrings - Black


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