Elements and Time

I ended up in Crucible last evening. Coming in from a different direction, it took awhile for the recognition to unfold. It was the energy more than the surroundings that felt familiar. This is indeed one of the most elemental spots at Phil's Place -- for me anyway. The rain, the mossy swamps, the sounds take me back to ancient roots. If you have ever lived where the elements are close at hand, you understand the feeling.

It has been quiet in the Phoenix-Firefall shop lately so an announcement of new designs was well received. This **Firefall** Scarlett Dress Olive was free for two hours a couple of days ago. It is of course available for purchase. As with most all of the shop designs, it comes with a variety of choices including a micro mini and a ruffled collar. The collar didn't quite fit me and I am not into ruffles all that much anyway, so modifying will wait until another day.

I particularly like the asymmetrical pants design. As you might imagine, the detailing is intricate and lovely; the prim work excellent. The fishnet stockings are on seperate layer and will be often used on their own I am sure as they are particularly fine. The outfit also comes in rich colors of red, brown, blue and black. Find it at the back of the store, here.

I am wearing a dramatic skin from Skin Within (review copy) - [SW] Anaise Paris. Both strong and feminine, it works well with this fantasy outfit. The skin is mod with quite a large change in skin tones available as well as other options. This is the out of the box version.

Style Notes:

Hair: HOH Asako - coffee bean (NLA)
Skin: Skin Within (review copy) - [SW] Anaise Paris
Clothing: Phoenix-Firefall **Firefall** Scarlett Dress Olive
Shoes: [Decoy] Jully Boots - Onyx
Accessories come with outfit.

Default Windlight settings were used in this shoot along with a facelight on dim.