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Inner Child Adventuring

There was a popular program a decade or so ago called healing the inner child. I never looked into it, but people around me were busy working on the steps to serenity. I researched it at Google and Wikipedia this morning and it has its roots in a 1963 book. Who knew? Not I.

This isn't a post about psychology. We all had childhoods, good or bad, normal or not. Most of us are probably doing pretty well. Still, no matter how our younger years went, there is certainly nothing wrong with embracing the joys of childhood -- a time with magic was at our fingertips and rulebooks hadn't been accepted.

I did some exploring last eve and found a sim filled with that childlike magic.

There are three snow globes, each with a different theme and designer. I like the bunnies best. I threw together a quick outfit from some of my latest Down the Chimney hunt finds and went forth to play. My outfit was based around the leggings from The Stringer Mausoleum  which I really love. They come on two layers and with prim bottoms I haven't tried yet.

My winter garb had no color theory behind it. In fact it broke some of the rules. I decided that I didn't need to be a fashion icon to play in the snow. Oddly enough, a fellow photographer (blogger?) came up to me and complimented me on my color choices. So maybe it is really OK to break those rules; maybe our childlike wonder and awe account for our acceptance.

Visit HPMD  Happymood

I'd picked up some frosty breath as well as some antique skis at Fallen Whispers, a fun sim to explore but with too many things not quite working for a photo shoot.

I used the standard midnight settings and a facelight for these photos. There is so much glow and light, many settings were blinding :D

Style notes:

Hair: Bryce ~ Saul - Ginger Reds - Terra (free - unisex -all colors)

Skin: Rock Candy *RC* Kiba Skin (Neutral)

Clothing: .44 Caliber -Djinn & Tonic - Knit Coat (DTCH), *TSM* Wrap it up Pants (DTCH)

Shoes: [Decoy] Jully Boots - Forest

Accessories: K_gs -optino2- -Kumaki- glasses sunglasses goggles (free on the coffee table), Moonshine Loaf Hoodie-Straw   

Poses: Peace and handstand poses from the DTCH gift at Lazy Places


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