Holiday Preparations

The holidays are getting closer day by day. All that shopping comes down to a few hours of camaraderie and smiles. Just in case you haven't purchased your virtual turkey yet, you can pick up this lovely platter full of poultry and veggies (those are Brussels Sprouts for you non-vegetarians) at CONCRETE FLOWERS. It is the dollarbie advent gift for the day. At 63 prims you will probably want to keep holding it, but no matter how heavy it gets  your AO leg animations will likely still work while you make your way to the table; mine do anyway.

My outfit is from yesterday and no longer in its advent box at Prim and Pixel Paradise, but the ribboned boots are. Each day you can pick up a new gift under the tree. Wood heels and suede leather give the shoes a casual feel. And with the big green holiday bow you will definitely be in the spirit of the season.

The pair of boots I picked up seemed to have an issue with the inner lining of the boot (gray in this photo). The textures didn't match each other. We know how SL(R) can revert things, and I did alert the designer. Meanwhile, since the boots are MOD, you can fix them yourself if you have some basic building skills.

Edit: this has been fixed. 

Pulling Strings has a four group pose ball set out today for $1. Use them as a set or unlink them. And if you need presents for props, I have these mod (bow color and size)  boxes at my shop for $10. They are click texture change and have 16 different wrapping papers -- not all December themed. With sculpty bows, I made them to go under the tree now and for other holiday decorations later. They seem quite popular so far.

There is also a free candy cane duo with holiday ribbons nearby the presents.