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Holiday Cheer

With so many lovely seasonal gifts and prizes around, it is easy to get into that holiday spirit.  This Flying Candy Cane from chanimations (lucky presents) has two poses including this one which is great photo for a Christmas card. The Xmas Booties are from Step Ahead, just now out under their tree.Free!

My holiday bikini was a gift from Rebel Hope (Vain gift - group now closed). I added some Bay Watch blond hair from HOH (no longer available) and what a Mrs. Claus I make - LOL.

Prim and Pixel Paradise has presents under their tree in the central entrance. Today's gift is a snow angel animation. Fun. There is also a short term lucky chair prize (until Friday). I couldn't find the chair but you may not be in such a hurry.

Sway's is having a sort of Advent Hunt. Each day there is a new gift out in the Advent train. You need to find the matching password to open the gift on that day. The passwords are in large candy canes scattered throughout the sim. Sway's is a fun place to explore and I enjoyed visiting again yesterday. I picked up quite a few notecards with the secret intell, so I'll be venturing back now and then  to pick up the presents. Yesterday's was a humongous holiday cookie  as a mouth accessory and today's is this cozy sweater with tree applique.

And to balance out all that red in this post, we have a green knit hoodie from Concrete Flowers. It is the Advent dollarbie today. It comes with a prim bottom with fringe but that didn't fit me well. So the bolero look is my choice for the day. Guys beware, I don't think today is a good day for the Y chromosome set at KOSH and CF. 

My onyx hair is by Vignette.


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