Linden Home Preview - Nascera

I spent most of the morning touring the newly opened continent, Nascera . The Japanese themed sim was by far my favorite, a lovely and serene place to live. For those of you that are interested and didn't get the news, LL is running a beta program with the idea of giving premium members a choice of their current free tier on a 512 mainland lot or a double prim lot with no mod house in a themed community (less homeowner rights).

The new continent opened this morning for viewing. There were few folks around, but the lag was awful ALL morning. I was going to do a fashion post, but couldn't change clothes. So you only get the "photo op" portion.

The sims to visit are:

  • Elderglen (the main fantasy themed infohub)
  • Fern (to see the fantasy themed houses)
  • Batry Park (to see meadowbrook, the california modern area)
  • Buckeye (to see tahoe, the A frame log cabin theme)
  • Kagero (to see the Japanese themed regions)

And the official post on the opening is here.

This is Elderglen from above.

Premium members with a free 512 allotment will be contacted at random soon to see if they want to participate in the beta program.

I'm guessing they will need to expand the Japanese area *wink*.