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Monochrome Accents

This morning's post is a mashup of great current freebies and a soon to be available gift.  This fun Monochromatic Christmas Photo Scene is from Prim and Pixel Paradise. It is perfect for the times when you won't be able to look at red and green *wink*  -- and those times, they will be a comin'. Find it in the Christmas Shop. My sweater also hales from Prim and Pixel Paradise; find it in the Christmas stocking as a hunt item. There are three hunts going on at PPP. Find all the prize vendors and get a complete outfit. I went over specifically for the sweater as I found I had nothing like this. (How can it be?). I found the POE globe while looking for the sweater. It is a big store, but the prize vendors aren't really hidden. So lots of walking or camming will get you all three I'm guessing.

My cute checked pants with prim pockets and belt are from KOSH as the Advent dollarbie of the day. The set comes with prim bottoms which didn't work well for me but with some BAX boots, I was set.

This Heart on Sleeve (click photo to enlarge) is SO CUTE. It is one of  two styles from Scribbles in the upcoming (December 6th) Down the Chimney Hunt. The gift is a corduroy heart patch (heart on sleeve, get it?), an exclusive color and a three way mend stitch that is not on any other patches.  Radio hasn't released the patch series yet, so this will be the only one on the grid for awhile. Exclusive! We like that.

Style Notes:

Hair: *SHOP SEU* --kurukuru hair Long
Skin: []::Tuli::[] Hope  (dark tan/li) blush
Boots: BAX Prestige
Gloves: Spellbound Siren gloves

Poses by LAP.

Colors 101:

As a color theory note, this color scheme would be known as Accented Neutral. A group of neutral colors -- in this case shades of gray with one hue. Red fills the slot in this outfit.  Browns and tans can form another type of neutral backdrop, and you can even mix browns with grays if you are clever. Black and white fit in too. So many choices.


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