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The Pleasures of Home

My sim is one of the ones lost in Limboville with the new SL server codes and restarts so it has been a bit trying today. Still, it's nice to come home, sit by the fire and relax. Even unplanned days off can be taxing when things aren't working well. I DID pick up a cute new suede vest at KOSH today. I am just loving that Advent dollarbie event. The pack also included some very nice eyes.  My chair is the part of the prize from the Bitten Hunt at the Julia Collection.

If you picked up either of the caberet outfits from chanimations (1) (2), you will ENJOY this Bitten prize pack. I'm not going to tell you why; you'll just have to trust me *wink*. Much fun! The chair itself is velvety rich goodness and comes with a variety of poses. This is a pose from my AO to show off the boots. Those *RRS* Wild Ride  Boot (review copy) are on sale now (very inexpensive) and work well for the guys too. The pattern and detailing are very nice. Other colors are available.

My casual attire for the day comes from the KOSH and CONCRETE FLOWERS dollarbies. This is another color in yesterday's leggings pack. I really love the patchwork effect with the muted tones. The bracelet is from a few days ago. While the Advent event is geared more toward the gals, the designers have included unisex items in each day's gift. It's often difficult for the guys to get in on the fun, but Wonder went and picked this up today. Mostly? For the eyes. But I'm guessing that vest might look pretty super too with some low slung jeans.

This is the Down the Chimney prize from the Julia Collection.There are three hunt prizes in all at the shop, so keep your eyes out.  It took me three trips, but I finally found it. It was "me" of course. It wasn't all that well hidden; I was simply tired. There are a variety of poses on the barrel, and a reading animation on the ground pillow. Touch the book to get your own for reading.  A perfect personal space, it doesn't take up all that much room. Yeah!


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