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Long ago and far away in virtual time frame measurements, I was given a skin pack from Rock Candy. This was the time of the first skin fair and also when I was in an adventurer, arty mood and a little dismayed with the whole blogging scene. I kept the skins and marked them "androgyne". I have been thinking about those skins a lot of late. I also did some chimney hunt searching last eve and picked up the top from Blue Blood which I really like. I had seen it on the feeds, but it is even nicer up close and personal.  And yesterday as you may remember I took a tour of the new continent and LL housing. Put them all together and you have today's post.

These are the houses in  Kagero. I like just about everything there except the one house design with stairs that lead to a tiny interior and more or less useless balcony. Since others have mentioned their dismay over the design, it may be changed. Beta is beta after all and with a purpose.

I wasn't too sure how I would feel in this skin, but I'm actually liking it. Maybe I'm just feeling brave this morning *wink*; hard to say.I've always liked heavier eyebrows than are on many female skins, and the nose fits my shape particularly well. So, if you are intrigued, stop by the Rock Candy store and try on some demos.

Style Notes:

Hair: Rock Candy -*RC* Rockstar Hair (Natural Black)
Skin: Rock Candy - *RC* Kiba Skin (Neutral)
Clothing: +++BLUE BLOOD+++ Down the Chimney Hunt gift 2009, MALT Shiney leggings
Shoes: * M'z Lace up boots *(LC)
Accessories: G71 Ring Choker - Silver 3rings gothic (NLA)


For those of you that are wondering just where the new housing option is heading, here is the info from the land tab. I know there are lots of rumors floating around out there. This is the most definitive answer there is at the moment.

Linden Home Restrictions:

Linden Home has unique restrictions in addition to those outlined in the Linden Home Terms and Conditions. By accepting a Linden Home, you agree to additional restrictions as follows:

    * Linden Home is for residential use only.
    * Business use of any kind is prohibited, including parcel rental, rental boxes, classified ads or other forms of advertising, and event listings.
    * Land cannot be terraformed, sold, deeded to group, joined, or divided.
    * Land cannot contain sky boxes, temp-rezzers, or individual prims beyond the allocated size of the Second Life Viewer build tools - 10x10x10m (no megaprims).
    * Linden Homes may not be removed, modified, exchanged, set or deeded to group, or transferred.
    * Linden Homes should be kept presentable and in-theme.
    * Linden Homes should not be used as sandboxes.
    * Linden Homes do not include traffic tracking.
    * Ownership is limited to one Linden Home per Premium Account.

Linden Home Benefits:

    * Use your Premium account's 512m2 tier-free allocation towards Linden Home.
    * Ready-to-move-in themed home on 512m2 parcel.
    * Select your own Linden Home theme.

    * Decorate your home with furnishings.
    * Invite your friends to your home.
    * Meet your neighbors and make friends.
    * Linden Homes are allocated 117 prims.
    * Set Home to here at your Linden Home location.
    * Set land and objects to group.


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