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POE2 Household

A bit of late night hunting and gathering garnered some great prizes from the Peace On Earth Hunt. This clever cupboard  from The Home Store comes stocked full of vintage housewares and edibles.  While it weighs in at 82 prims, the cupboard's goodies are all separate. Use them together or as part of other decor. Bowls and cans and food dispensing treats for your next party all combine to make this a very practical addition to your home. The doors open and close and the cupboard has a color change menu with tons of choices.

Style notes:

Hair: !!Calico Ingmann Creations!! Arianna - Light Auburn
Skin: []::Tuli::[] Hope  (dark tan/li) blush
Clothes: E! - Eclectic Marie Dress (Blue)  (newish release -review copy)
Shoes: A-BOMB Dorothy Shoes (Gemmed)  (new release -review copy)

The Dorothy shoes are A-BOMB's offering for the Twisted Krissmuss event. The shoes are color change.  This isn't a hunt, but a sale of sorts.  All shops involved will offer at least one item for 100L in mod/trans for gift shopping.   This event runs December 7 through December 30.

The prayer flags are the POE2 prize from The FlopHouse. The gift package includes the stringed texture on a large prim for hanging along the roof edge as well as a prim with flags set on poles. I've adjusted mine here for a smaller area. The full perm textures are also included along with single flag textures. A lovely gift.

From the notecard:
The general notion is that one hangs a string of prayer flags on a sunny, clear day, and leaves them up where the wind releases the positive intentions of the prayers.  They fade over time, a good reminder of the changing nature of all things, and one adds new strings of flags next to the old.  From a Buddhist perspective, we are all in this together... enlightenment is a cosmic group project... and you know how rough group projects can be.  We need all the prayers we can get!

I created these prayer flag textures in Gimp based on images of a string of prayer flags that have been somewhat faded by the sun and wind after several years in a place of honor outside my rl home.  All of the flags are hand-tinted and slightly skewed to reflect their movement in the wind.
And for you breedable bunny aficionados, there is a large group home/pen set up with prayer flags perfect for your roaming pets.

Last up from last evening's adventuring are some lovely plants that change texture with the seasons. Click the plant to get a menu with various choices of textures. I especially like this dogwood tree in the snow. Interesting winter trees are difficult to come by and this one has both snow and a touch of color. The smaller plants are Peace Roses and come in a variety of seasonal versions. Not all seasonal options are shown here. There is a lovely pine tree with and without snow for you mountain dwellers. All these items are included in the gift box from Herb's Garden.


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