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Review: Oversized Furniture

First off, this is not aimed at any particular designer. If it strikes a chord with you, well that's a good thing I think. I have seen other posts on the GIGANTIC nature of some of our builds and furniture. I concur. I just finished opening up a large selection of furniture from various hunts. Many of these items were lovely. They were ALL however big enough for an elephant. There was not even one person-sized chair, bed or sofa in the bunch.

I don't understand why many builders continue to make furniture SO large. Honestly one bedroom set would have been the size of my real life living room (this is not an exageration). These are not new builders. These are lovely things. They are also no mod so you can't shrink these puppies down to a reasonable size. I am six foot tall. I am not tiny. I had to delete everything simply because of the ridiculous size.

I am not complaining about not getting FREE STUFF. I was happy to see the work being done and I appreciate the skill that has gone into these items. It is just beyond me why people continue to make things three to four times avatar size.

I did not just take Alice's Shrink Me drink . I don't want to feel like I have

I do have one lovely dress to show you tomorrow. Feel like I worked awfully hard today :D


Anonymous said…
lol I had the opposite experience the other day...I saw a piece of furniture on a blog I lurved, the type that you see and say "oooh, I want!!!"

TPed to the shop, only to find the lounge in question, didn't even come up as high as my avie's knees :( I felt like Gigantor standing next to it, and my avie would be average height, no more.
Chic Aeon said…
Hey Anon -

I'm guessing you figured out that was furniture for tinies (child avatars and other short stature folks). I won something in a tinies lucky chair once and tried it on. Not good. Half of me disappeared. Agree it can be a shock. That's why I always try to have a normal sized person in the photo of furniture :D That pretty much tells it all.
Unknown said…
I am glad you wrote something about this. I have had people ask me to increase the size of my furniture to match over sized furniture they purchased elsewhere. I absolutely refuse to do that, it just doesn't look good when your armchair can seat a family of seven with room left over.
I've been asked to do the same as Colleen, and I refuse to. It's also extremely hard to decorate some houses because the rooms are ginormous. When I make things large, though, like some random cuddle furniture, it's on purpose.

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