Three Things

There is a blogger challenge going around. I'm not exactly sure who came up with the idea of picking out three things (and ONLY three) that you can't live without. We HAVE to have skin on *wink*; The Labs won't let us go without, so that is actually two clothing or accessory items. I've felt a bit guilty for not blogging these last few days, even though the feeds have been quiet. Many of us are taking some time off. So here's a quick post. I didn't have to worry too much about color coordination :D.

Edit: I found the original challenge.  It sort of morphed  and I guess nakedness wasn't needed. Still this was a fun post. It's always a challenge to be both naked and PG for the feeds. And I already did my personal Top 10 a couple of weeks ago.

 We have had so many lovely gifts this season it is difficult to come up with favorites. This darling "boy" hair from Amacci (Morgan) is pick one. It was near the landing point in a holiday box. Two female hairs are in the other two boxes. The cap is color change. The hair is one of my favorite RED colors. You won't miss me! If you TP over be sure and check the lucky chairs and the freebie hairs close by. And of course try out the new styles. You can never have enough hair.

My second pick is the new group gift from Tuli, Eva. This is a medium tone; one of many included in the pack. Find it in the group archives.

Some folks are just doing face shots with this challenge, but I am a brave gal. My third pick is my new camera. I had lots of fun making the camera, tripod and poses and you'll be seeing them in my posts now and then. Props are good!  The camera and tripod above are linked  and come with built in pose. I tried to keep the prims down as much as possible as I have used up most of my 937. Oh My!   I made the hand held camera in several versions with both vanity and vista poses. If I have to pick between the two versions, I'll take the hand held as it is more versatile.

As a side note, this is the first time I tried the Emerald animation preview. It works great and definitely saves time going over to the beta grid to test for free. It does freeze you in a pose if you don't upload, but that isn't a biggie for me since it takes me many tries to get the pose just like it want it. So if you see me around and I am oddly frozen, I'm just working on additional poses :D.

Now I am off to take some vendor pictures for the cameras -- WITH clothes on :D.