Chimney Finds

You don't have to get too far into the Down the Chimney Hunt before saying, "Wow"!   First stop is ! Kunstkammer Architechtural and Metaphysical Salvage :. (Kunstkammer for short) where ladies can pick up this intricate and unique necklace. There is a pretty cool belt for the guys too.   The Glamazon Necklace is a bronze beauty. I paired it with the December gift from [ Cynful ] which includes lots of options including a white lace version and some cool seamed tights in a light taupe. The bra top you see is my Elven bra from long ago. Not necessarily a plan, but I liked the triple layered look, so it stayed.

My cute hair is from Shag, a store I hadn't visited before the DTCH. It has a great bar upstairs for photo shoots and the whole store is simply inviting. The Caught hair is unisex and has a darling super short messy ponytail in the back. Two colors for gals, two for guys and all mod resize. So four colors to choose from. More colors will be available after the hunt is over. If you fall in love, but your color isn't represented, there is still hope :D.

Another super fun DTCH  top hales from Vanitas Vesture. It is at Festivale so you can walk on over after visiting LAP or visa versa, I'm not sure. There is a pretty blue midi skirt in the prize package too! The detailing is exceptionally nice including a the asymmetrical neckline and a slouchy bottom hem. Very realistic, like an old favorite you simply can't give up.

Bohemian Bliss is a good tag line for these detailed shoes. Prim toes and pretty nail polish come with all those beads and fringe. So fun!  I know I must have the perfect salmon pink mini hiding in my bottomless inventory somewhere. I'll be keeping my eye out, so that I can put together a real outfit. Meanwhile, go pick up your own pair of *RRS* Boho Fringe - Gingerbread heels and see what great look you can mash up.

Edit: I have read over the notecard that came with these shoes and others several times and I am  still not clear exactly in which store the Boho Fringe shoes are the prize. I think they are  HERE.   Good luck.

I visited a couple of stores where I couldn't find the book, so they might not all be out yet. I did find some other hunt prizes which I get to open soon. There are so many wonderful stores to visit and a lot of new ones too. This is just a start and I am sure that there will be lots of post with hunt gifts shown. I'm going to get back to "arty" for a bit, but I'll be working in hunt items and freebies the best I can. Look for the bold red ink (not viewable on most feeds) to find the extra special gifts and prizes.

And I even did some building today. Horray!