Dusky Monochrome

Plans change. I saw a photo on Fickr of a great monochromatic city which inspired me to make a completely black and gray outfit -- even skin and eyes. After many combinations I settled on this look, a mixture of new and old. Alas, when I tried teleporting to the site it was no longer in existence. So many lovely places are disappearing.

Outfit made, I decided that a new to me spot was definitely called for. I ended up at Black Maj, a place I had often admired in photographs but never visited. My completely monochromatic scheme took on dusky shades of gold, no matter how much I tweaked my Windlight settings. So shall it be! Change is good. Adapting is even better.

My skin was a review copy from the first of the Fall skin fairs. I love it with this shape. A whole new me that I haven't visited in awhile. An "alternate" me in some senses. She won't be around too long as I am more comfortable in my almost two year old shape, but she is quite lovely. And I can tuck her away for another day when I am feeling adventurous.

Photos taken at the edge of Black Taj.

Style notes:

Hair: Rock Candy *RC* Rockstar Hair
Skin - Shape: GeEs Design - Skin - Marlin Drow - 04 (review copy), Shape It Up! Lioness (review copy), Kunstkammer Surrealist Eyes - Black Darker (group gift)
Clothing: [ AYUMI ] Zippers - Black (new release - review copy), Celestia Studios Black Fishnet Tights, DCNY black gloves
Shoes: BAX Prestige Boots Black (these resized to larger calves beautifully!)
Accessories: :+*U&R*+: LE.LOOK! la femme - Earrings - Mazurka (color change)