Mechanism - - WOOT!

After three months and a hundred posts or so, I don't get too excited too often. But here I am excited. Yeah!

First of all, I want to be clear the Mechanism -- Kmadd Enterprise 187/240/26 --is a MENS store. Secondly, any decent fashionista knows that means NOTHING. And indeed there was another lady in the shop when I arrived. The jackets you are seeing above are some of the items from the free box. From the photos on the vendors I am sure they look AS GOOD on men - LOL.

Kobe Flatley opened on Friday and had his first Fashcon (Fashion Consolidated) post today sans LM. There was still a group of wise sleuths looking through his goods. The jackets are especially nice. There are pants and Tees also along with some accessories.

The free box items -- especially the latex jacket shown with the Hexed outfit many of you now own and the two toned tan opened jacket below -- are exceptionally nice (read that as nicer than many purchased garments).

So get DOWN there and get your honey down there if you have one.

Later: I got Wonder to go over and get the jackets so you could see what they look like on a (sigh) guy - wink. Thanks a bunch, Wonder! (He is NOT very fashion conscious.) LOL

Other credits: (Chic) Dress by Hexed, Jeans by WRONG. (Wonder) Pants by Nuclear Boutique, glasses by Digital Dragon.