The Alt Update

 With new skin and some full perm lashes from long ago that I found in my inventory and passed along, Lani is getting closer to "the typist" by the day. She has been a hard working gal and has earned many lindens in the past week. Chic, Lani AND the typist are all very picky about their hair. A good hair day is a good day -- simple as that. So high on the list of must haves was a new "do" that reflected the real life persona.

 Now you would think that finding some great hair would be easy, and indeed it is. But finding hair that looks like YOUR hair *wink* is a bit trickier. A few shops down and Lani and I (whoever that I might be) ended up at Calico Ingmann's who has made some of my favorite hairs over the years. Happily there was a big fatpack of grays whites and black in the color arena. So finding the right style was the only assignment.

Shown above is Tanya 2 mirrored. You get two styles in the set plus a BIG color hud (we are talking lots of shades here) AND there is a streak hud also for the forelock pieces.  These are blending into the base color, but if you want to be wild you can pick from a seemingly endless array of hues.

So Lani has a profile photo now. Unfortunately the web profile (now in viewer 3 due to issues) is not working at the moment. So eventually, hopefully. OR I can log into an old viewer and upload there. Anyway, ALL of us are happy she has her own personal look underway.  She isn't going to be the fashionista Chic is; but she will definitely be herself.

Total lindens spent so far in her personal makeover? $210

Poses by: Amacci