Firestorm Issues Report

Just a quick report for those of you that may be having the same issues with Firestorm 2 and 3 and the Windows and MAC updates of the evening before last. More testing shows (for me at least) that the conflict is in the LSL bridge. If I take that off (you are always wearing it in FS) then I don't crash at all. The minute I turn it back on and in the subsequent logins I continue to go to both black and white screens, freeze, or get "viewer not responding messages".

Of course without the bridge connected Firestorm doesn't work well. Some things just don't work and others are very very choppy. So basically until there is a fix, I won't be able to use my favorite viewer. By the way this doesn't appear to have anything to do with the VBO problems as I had that turned off all along.

On the PLUS side, the new Linden Labs 3 beta seems REALLY fast. There are a few things I like about it and some things (like web profiles) I absolutely hate. It is also missing a lot of features that the TPVs have. I miss them :D.  So I will most likely be switching back and forth depending on what I am doing. Still that new code bodes well for the future.

Just wanted to post my findings here for those that might be having the same issues. There seemed to be a lot on the Phoenix group yesterday, not so much today. They may have just moved to another viewer. I may install Singularity today.

There WILL be a pretty picture post soon, I promise. Just trying to sort this all out.