This Way or That Way

It is a hot desert morn in Joplin. The roads are worn and silent. Part of a Route 66 set of biker sims, the landscape is both diverse and convincing. My outfit of the early hours boasts another new hair from EMO-tions. Eryn is long and straight, flowing with your movements. Hairpins keep this casual do on the neat side. The fringe stole, color change in red, blue, violet, grey and brown is also a new release from EMO-tions.

Completing my outfit are parts of a huge all in one set called Rockstar  from Beautiful Dirty Rich. The set includes guitars (both static and with animation) skirt, tons of layers and neko parts.  So whether I choose to go down This Way or That Way, I will definitely be nicely attired today.

Poses by: Vista Animations