There are some outfits that give you model status simply by clicking that replace button and watching your clothing rewrite.

There are some gifts the stand out in the hunting and gathering arena.

This full set from Tres Beau in the Diamonds Are Mine 3 hunt fills both criteria.

In a lovely cocoa color and warm wool (let's call it cashmere, shall we?), the set raises your classiness quotient admirably.

To be honest, only tall and thin gals need apply. The set was designed for models it seems. Even I, at six feet, needed to make some major prim adjustment for height *wink*.

A few minutes in the editing window shortening prims was definitely worth it though. I feel so very posh.

My hair is a new release from Pomme d' Amour called  LADYBUG HAIR.

My earrings are also new and hale from Addiction Jewelry.

Still wearing those Audrey heels from Kalnins Fashion.

Poses by:  Vista Animations

Wishing those of you in the United States a Happy Thanksgiving Day --

Let's be grateful for all that we have.