Cosy Sweaters for Two

Both Lani and I have been out hunting the last few days. Sadly, I can't say I found much to report to you with enthusiasm. New hunts start in just a few hours of course and that is great news. Meanwhile, one item that both Lani and I agreed on was this great sweater from Blanche's Boutique on the Dirty Turkey Hunt (orange feather).  Now I can't say that this was an EASY feather to find. Look BEHIND things for sure *wink*, but the prize is great. Actually I saw lots of cute items in the shop so be sure and peruse while you are hunting.  We are both dressed in a Northwest Grunge style here which is fairly appropriate considering where the typist lives. I will of course be changing soon, but I think Lani has found her style and will never be a fashionista. That's really OK by me.

My hair and hat is Steve from Emo-tions. I can't tell exactly from the notecard if this is new or on sale this weekend, but if you like it, guy or gal, stop by the shop and check it out.

My cute Christmas cards on the wall came from LISP in the Holiday Market.