Lani and I have been having a great time. Honestly it is difficult to tell if the "I" in that first sentence is Chic or the typist. The lines seem a little blurry these days. Either way, at almost 4 days old she is much better attired than her first outing onto the blog. Despite our best efforts, her wardrobe still consist of black, browns and tans. Not sure exactly how that happened, but she will be automatically coordinated until some other colors come into her closet.

Yesterday was get the AO together day. I mixed poses from the newbie LAP AO with the new avatar gift from Amacci and the TyTy's AO from the marketplace. We also found some nice free poses at D!va and Adorkable.

Outfits in the collage above include (top left) a jacket from A&C DESIGN Fashion (marketplace), a nice long scooped necked tee (very basic and very useful) from T-Shirt Authority (marketplace). Jeans are from Poison on the Mushroom Hunt.  Hair in the top left photo is from Exile and the updo from Amacci.

The really great suede jacket (a style for guys is also available) is the group anniversary gift from *Just BECAUSE*. The very detailed boots are on the group midnight board at Death row designs.  The very comfy sweater which may be a bit tricky to resize for guys and chubby gals *wink* is from bubble on the Dirty Turkey Hunt (bottle of whiskey I think ).

It looks like snow is beginning to fall around and about, and that is certainly the case at Yasum Designs where group members can pick up this completely furnished chalet. Find the big sign not far from the entrance and take the teleporter up to the demo model. Click the board and take home your own copy.

My girl is doing pretty well for a newbie. I am proud of her :D.

Poses by: LAP, Amacci