New Beginnings

The calendar turns another page and I have lots of news in my life, much of it personal. I'll get to that in a minute, but first -- FASHION.  Even though Halloween is over, you may still be in the mood for a little devilment.  KOSH  released a new necklace with Bael as the star. I had to look up the particulars, but he is (was, will always be? Wikipedia is a little sketchy) one of the seven princes of Hell in the Christian old testament, the primary pagan idol of the Phoenicians. So now we are most likely BOTH a little smarter *wink*.

While Bael is quite impressive, I am more personally thrilled with a huge new collection of eye shadows from the KOSH store. They work very well with my everyday skin and come in tons of colors, both vivid and subtle. As you might guess, I am more into the calmer tones, but I dolled myself up in the color called "fog" so you could see the effect. I will be having great fun with these!

And if you haven't heard, E! Eclectic is having a sale which includes some dollarbies to find on the walls. In honor of that hunting bargain, I added the Winifred dress to my outfit of the very late night or very early morn depending on your point of view.

That's the fashion report. Here's the personal news for the friends that read this blog and others who just like to keep up with everything everyone is doing.    The rainy city in the background is a part of my new LEA Endowment installation. I won an 1/8th of a sim for two months. I am having a great time building again, making most all of my own textures and learning more about my new graphics program. A set is finished and a video will be coming along soon.   You can see a quick look at the subway set here at YouTube if you are interested. I hope to be finished with the project and ready for visitors in a month.

Meanwhile, I am leaving the Bayou -- for awhile at least. With no time spent there lately it seems silly to keep. So anyone looking for 703 prims on the water, check the map *wink*.  It is definitely one of the most friendly and nicest places I have lived.

Poses by: Vista Animations