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If you haven't figured it out, we will be in "city" mode for much of this month. While I hope to get out and about on some exploration jaunts, my plate is full. So quick but pretty and hopefully informative posts will reign.

Up this eve is a very classy set. The dress? SilksArt from LPD. Three colors are available. This is yellow.  There is actually a single shoulder strap included, but it didn't fit me well and I am a minimalist sort of gal as you know. So an "edit linked prim" and a quick move and it is deep inside my body where no one but me (and now you) will know. Either way, this is a very cute dress!

My shoes are the new Lizette platforms from KALNINS FASHION. Lots of great texturing details on these beauties; a hud lets you change colors on shoe parts, metal grommets and of course nails. The HUD is different than you are most likely use to, but I found it easy to use without reading instructions. (Were there instructions?  Most likely, but we know we usually read those as a last resort. EASY is a good thing.)

Being a good little blogger albeit busy these days, I am including info from the notecard :

  • The Lizette Sandal is available in 2 versions.  The Classic provides a wardrobe essential with 3 texture choices: Black, Gold or Red.  The Fatpack provides the best value with a variety of colors (Classic colors included) available through a base of 12 texture choices. Both versions come with a detailed HUD allowing for endless customization:

    •    Texture/Color change (Classic 3; Fatpack 12)
    •    Metal stud customization
    •    Skin tinting w/ presets, fine tuning, and memory for your favorite shades
    •    12 nail color choices
    •    Easy low lag resizing
    •    Walk sounds
That's the evenings news. I feel so dressed up, it is a shame I will be working instead of playing *wink*.

You go play for me!

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    # by Nevery Lorakeet - November 4, 2011 at 4:07 PM

    Lovely picture!! Ty Chic :*