Wrap Party

It is a wrap party for one at my somewhat chilly but definitely healthy with all that fresh air abode. I finished my latest video and after a little testing to make sure that it is good to go, it will be up on my YouTube channel. I will keep you apprised of the installation opening and all that jazz.

Meanwhile, now that I am a lady of leisure, I have a list of places to explore. And while I was busy working so were the designers it seems with lots of new releases out. Shown here is a prop that couldn't be more timely for my world, a couch set with movie projector!  And what a cute one it is. It comes complete with popcorn as well as a blank movie screen. You could of course use your own TV if you have one.  Best of all, it is all yours for a Linden if you can find it (and I bet you can) on the Happy Feet Hunt at the BoatHouse. Rug, popcorn and eating animation in the loveseat give you the perfect excuse to relax -- and that sounds good to me.

My extremely cute hat with hair as well as the coordinating warm scarf are new releases from EMO-tions.  The hair is *ALINA* /naturals. The shawl has the same ALINA name.  My warm and snuggly sweater is a hunt prize from Argyle Anonymous.  Look for a bottle of liquor on the Dirty Turkey Hunt.

Pose by LAP