It seems like years ago, but was in fact only a few months, when I wrote a somewhat philosophical post on the entrance of MESH into Second Life. One of my theories was that the real power of mesh -- something that would induce folks to move into Meshland *wink* would be full avatars. That has indeed come to pass and was most likely well under way when I wrote my original post. But today, thanks to fellow blog queen, Jule Lemondrop, I saw an outstanding example of my musings.

I didn't get over to *DOLLCOCO* until this early eve.  It is even higher in the sky than I thought we could go -- and that seems pretty fitting for this lofty enterprise :D.  As a photographer I was blown away at the entrance. I didn't even need to see the dolls to be impressed, I was entranced with the "sets". Well, they are not really SETS, but that is how I think these days, most often in movie making mode.

Eventually I made my way to the spot where you can pick up free doll bodies (group tag activation). There are both white and dark bodies. I was actually leaning towards the dark version, but at the moment there is only one dark head. Still, ya know I picked it up for the future.

There are a good number of faces (whole heads actually) to choose from. This is Lena. In order to become a doll, you deprim, add a full alpha mask invisibility layer and then put on all the doll parts -- arms and legs and such. Heads can be switched depending on your mood. You can use your same avatar hair.   This jester costume -- so fitting for my photo shoot -- is also free as a group gift.

Doll heads come in a set with both open and closed eyes. These are beautifully made, so if you have played at being a doll somewhere in your SL lifetime and want to take that to the next level -- now is your chance.

Me? I am thinking about how to work this into my next movie -- ah inspiration.

There are some great looking doll only clothes and shoes in the shop too. You need specialty attire for these dollies. Even if you aren't too interested in being a doll from time to time, get over to the shop and just wander. That is an impressive journey in itself.

Later note: You may find that it is difficult to RETURN to your previous shape. Scary, but logging out and logging in fixed it for me. Even though you change to a new shape the position of your various parts (arms, thighs, calves etc.) seem to "stick".  Be sure you have an outfit saved that you can transfer into. I had MANY and eventually got back to "me" :D. 

Poses by: LAP