If we were still doing colors of the week and I had the power, I would proclaim this week's hue -- ochre. Now we may have participated in an ochre week, by now the colors have all become a blur. But call it gold or ochre or anything in between and this striking set is sure to turn some heads.

Starting from the top we have new hair by MINA -- Elfje is the style. It comes with a hairbase tattoo and is both sleek and sexy. My necklace and earrings are from SACRED ROSES, the Autumn Love set.

This new PARADISIS Loose top fits just right. It covers all that needs to be covered and still leaves plenty of skin exposed *wink*. It pairs perfectly with the new suede pants that I showed you earlier in the week. This set is "ocre" but lots of other colors are available. Some very nice sculpty bells are included, but I wanted to show off the new shoe release from MayCreations.

These laced short boots are very cute and would work well with period attire as well as more modern outfits.

There are of course lots of colors to choose from as well as some variants in style.

My pose prop is the new Behavior Body release with some texture changes in evidence. Read all about it here in a previous post.

Poses by: BehaviorBody