Early Snow

Don't slip!  Snow has come early to Portland, Oregon -- the virtual one that is. I love this not so authentic version; no wet feet, no sidewalks to shovel, no drippy trees that wet your neck as you walk by. The Portland Connection is the perfect place to show you this new Messy sweater (yes, that is the style name) from Paradisis. I LOVE the sleeves! Plenty of colors to choose from of course; lots of layers as always.

My pants and necklace are also designs from this four year old brand. Honestly, this knit top calls for a nice warm cuddly scarf that maybe lets a little bit of that low neckline show, but I wanted you to see the details *wink*.

The Portland Connection is a fun place to visit and a handy landmark to keep in your snow photo ops folder for the upcoming season. There are two sims and I have only begun to explore this new to me build.  I have to admit that I had forgotten how difficult photos in all this white can be. So on my list (not too close to the top) is making new snow Windlight settings.

My top pose is part of the Menstuff Hunt set from HelaMiyo -- gals can have fun too. My grocery bag is a slightly modded version (condoms moved inside the bag :D) from CONCRETE FLOWERS.