November Newness

A brave gal this eve, I took a walk on the wild side to Infernal Ville, which looks welcoming and picturesque from the destination guide. In reality it IS very photogenic, but there were a few too many demons there for my personal comfort zone. Ah the things we bloggers do for a pretty backdrop. 

I am new from top to toe tonight. Updo vintage hair from POMME D'AMOUR (Ladybug in Glorious Gray), a new dress from Blueblood (Kirsten in red) and a new Thanksgiving gift skin from  Akeruka.

The skin is really lovely with just the kind of makeup that I adore.  You should know that there is a "Happy Thanksgiving" tattoo on the back shoulders so you may want to wear this with sweaters and such. Still, it is a great gift and a nice way to try out the brand from the previous designer at Damiani and LaVie.  My intel is non-existent on this present; there is a fee to join the group if this is indeed a group gift. So do a little research; I left you breadcrumbs *wink*.

While you can't tell from my lead photo, I am wearing these very sexy and nicely textured heels from KALNINS FASHION.  There are three parts of the shoe that can be changed to one of twelve colors. Metals can also be changed and of course nails. Skin tones are on another tab and use both preset colors as well as the "which is closer to your color" variation squares. A few clicks and I had a perfect match and brownish nails.

A classic version with just black, red and gold is also available.


Poses by: Amacci