Settling In

Finally done with my LEA installation, I am beginning to settle in. I have 800 plus prims left and so making a temporary home seems like a opportune idea. There is more to that story of course, but first this great hat and hair *wink*.

The very cute sun hat which I had a coordinating outfit  for with no fuss or muss is a gift from Sway's at the Vintage Fair. So very pretty it pairs nicely with a new hair release from Pomme d' Amour -- Hangover Hair. I am not sure where that name comes from. It is both sedate and stylish and definitely fits into the retro era.

Being well dressed is of course important, but the furnishing that surround us set the mood for our happiness -- or lack thereof. So I was very happy to see this fun retro set added to the vintage event. It comes with a variety of poses including couples poses for the couch. There are color change options and the lamp of course gives real SL light. A great set for those that love moving back in time.

Everything shown here is included in the set except for the botanical paintings which come from Concrete Flowers -- those walls just looked so bare!    I have just begun to settle in, but this is a great start.

Enjoy the fair!

Poses by: the furniture and Vista Animations